Jojoba oil - your first hair oil!

Jojoba oil is exceptional. It is a delicate, unique and versatile oil which is ideal for all hair types. It doesn’t matter if your hair is healthy, thick and low porosity or damaged, dry and high porosity – jojoba oil is going to take care of it and deliver substances that your hair needs. What is more, thanks to an oily substance – squalane – the oil controls processes on the scalp. Therefore, if you struggle with excessive sebum production (in other words – greasy hair), jojoba oil will decrease its secretion. If your scalp produces too little sebum, it is always dry and prone to irritation – jojoba oil will also regulate it. Jojoba oil is a very versatile oil. What else does this extraordinary substance conceal?

Jojoba oil is abounding in vitamins that are essential to hair in order to grow healthy and look beautiful. It is the source of numerous group B vitamins (enhance hair growth, build and strengthen hair stem), vitamin E – called the vitamin of youth (slows down ageing processes, stops hair loss).

Moreover, jojoba oil also contains minerals: copper (necessary for proper hair structure; prevents premature hair greying), zinc (essential in the synthesis of proteins, including keratin – natural building block of hair), iodine (delivers resilience and bounce), chromium (strengthens hair and guarantees its healthy growth).

Jojoba oil also includes substances which hinder development of harmful free radicals. Phytosterols facilitate synthesis of collagen in the skin, which allows hair and scalp to stay “young”. Thanks to inhibited ageing processes, hair and scalp maintain good condition, proper moisture and don’t get damaged so quickly.

Apart from hair care, jojoba oil can be used for other purposes. It works excellently when you rub it in your body or face (preferably under night cream) or when you use it as an under-eye serum and oil for weak and brittle nails.